G.H. Construction is able to assist  you with any siding material projects, including fencing and handrails. We are prepared and experienced in working on unsafe balconies and walkways.  We can assist you with any minor or major repair or replacement.

G.H. Construction is available to assist you with deteriorated siding and trim, structural repair and new construction.  We are able to work on any of your carpentry needs, small or large.  Our company has the experience, availability, employees and the equipment necessary to assist you with  your projects.

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Fire & Water Damage

We offer complete reconstruction services and restoration services to feel safe in one’s property.  We are available to work on one unit or a whole building.  We are able to have the property in leasing, or move in condition, quickly and efficiently.  G.H. Construction can handle the fire restoration project from beginning to end.  We will assist you in dealing with the city all the way through the cleaning process.

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Iron Work

We are also able to professionally install and accomplish any ironwork projects.  These projects can include fencing, handrails, stairs, steps, gates and security.

Painting – Interior/Exterior

We begin by water-blasting, where necessary, to remove peeling paint, dirt and dust particles such as cobwebs and insect nests.  Peeling paint that is not removed by the water blasting will be hand sanded.   Any new wood will be primed before applying the finished coat.  Re nailing loose boards and popped up nails is also included in our preparation work.  Caulking around windows and door frames, as well as minor cracks and seams in wood siding and trim where needed, will be applied.

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Roofing – Commercial and Residential

GH Complete Construction Services specializes in a wide range of roofing services.  We specialize in preventative maintenance, leak repairs, and installations.  We specialize in Composition roofing, Structural work, Patchwork and Decking.  We are able, and ready, to meet all of your roofing needs.

Stucco, Brick, Masonry

We are experienced in structuring your stucco projects.  Our company can work with brick, concrete block, exterior masonry, siding and building repair. 

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