Painting – Exterior / Interior

We begin by power washing, to remove peeling paint, dirt and dust particles such as cobwebs and insect nests.  Peeling paint that is not removed by the water blasting will be hand scrapped and sanded.   Any new wood will be primed before applying the finished coat.  Re nailing loose boards and popped up nails is also included in our preparation work.  Caulking around windows and door frames, as well as minor cracks and seams in wood siding and trim where needed, will be applied.

When it comes time to do the actual painting, we will notify the tenants before any work will begin.  After notifying the tenants, we begin spraying the paint. We then go one step further and hand roll the same surfaces to a smooth over finish.  By combining the spraying with hand rolling, where required, you will actually be getting two coats of paint and any indication of blotch signs caused by the spraying will be eliminated.

Every possible precaution will be taken to protect your property and landscaping.  Spraying will not be done on strong windy days to avoid any over-spray that could damage your property or the resident’s property.  The property manager will have a daily report from our supervisor if necessary.